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Parents corner


Mahalo for being part of Kalawai Youth Baseball and visiting our website. Below are some general Questions and Answers and other important information. 

Q:  When does Shetland/Pinto season start?
A: Shetland starts in October and Pinto starts December -

Dates will be announced.

Q:  What do the players wear for games and practices?

A:  Each player will be given a game shirt, pants, and cap.  These will be worn for each game.  For practices, your child should wear baseball pants, any shirt, and a ball cap.  Cleats are optional. Be sure to bring a jacket for after practice.

Q: What equipment should we buy and what is supplied?
A: It is recommended that your child have his/her own helmet and glove.  Coaches will have practice and game balls to use.  For Shetland (T-ball), the T's are supplied.  Shetland/Pinto have the option to wear cleats or not. 

Q: Is there going to be Fundraising? 
A: Yes.  It depends on what league your child is in but there always is some type of fundraising to help us fund the year with equipment and supplies.  At the beginning of the season, coaches will discuss the upcoming fundraising.


Q: Can I sign up to help coach or be a team mom?
A: Most head coaches have been identified, but the coaches always need about 2-3 assistant coaches and a team mom.  Once your child is placed on a team, check with your head coach on how you can help. 

Q: When are games played and where? 
A: Depending on what league your child is playing.  Shetland and Pinto all games are at Kalawai Park.  Typically there will be games on a weekday at 4:30pm and one on a Saturday.  See your team's schedule.